JaVa's Drink And Food Menu


Baked muffins
Baked scones
Bagels w/creamcheese
Specialty cakes and tortes

Espresso drinks

Caffe Latte
espresso, steamed milk, some froth
espresso and mostly frothed milk
White Mocha
espresso, guittard white chocolate syrup, steamed milk and whipped cream
espresso, chocolate, hot milk, whipped cream
Java Jam!
shot of espresso with our gourmet coffee
strong, black coffee in a small cup
Gourmet Coffee
add a variety of flavors
Hot Chocolate
steamed milk, special choc. whipped cream

Iced Espresso Drinks  

Iced Latte
espresso, cold milk and ice
Iced Mocha
espresso,cold milk chocolate and ice
Latte Freeze
espresso with milk and ice, bar blended into a shake-style drink and topped with whipped cream
Mocha Freeze
espresso shake-style drink with mocha and whipped cream.
White Mocha Freeze
espresso shake-style drink with guittard white syrup and whipped cream.


Anytime combo: Large 16oz latte & bagel

Sip-N-Surf Combo: Large Tall latte or cappucinno, 15 minutes surf time

**Panini Grill Sandwiches - Mega Byte and Veggie byte.


Other Drinks

Italian Soda
Hot Tea
Bottled Water

New Oregon Chai!
a mixture of tea, ginger and honey with steamed or cold milk.

 Any of the hot or cold drinks above are available in decaf.

  Available Flavors: almond, amaretto, banana, blackberry, caramel, cherry, cinnamon, coconut, hazelnut, irish creme, Lime, mint, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, assorted sugar free flavors $.45 extra